I HEART my inbox

hi good morning baby just wake up take my breakfast i will cal my driver to pick up and to take me to the factory to spend some time othere whise its booring to stay all day in the hotel really you shok me that such a clever girl like you fuel of power and energie spend most of here time doing nothing hi ihi hi hi hi come up you can do a lot wake up you still young try to create something never mind i am to open guy i can suport you with any good idea just i dont know nothing here about country i have free time a lots even i start to be booring here i was thinking to go back to canada last 2 days for me its hurd to stay spend my time without mouving and create something i wish you can understand frensh language i can explain to you better but i will try to handelle in english its ok any how we will talk more about it when you have time i hope you know i like the country they are lot to do here but language its important i will see if will be ok i will try to stay longer othere whise its no need to spend my time here i dont like to disturbe you a lot hope to have nice day today i will be in thehotel at 4 pm lets be in touch when you are free kisses tiozinho com quem conversei no bar

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