Ione heart Paul

Best of all, there is the air. Yes. And little by little, I have learned to live inside it. The air and the light, yes, that too, the light that shines on all things and puts them there for my eyes to see. There is the air and the light and this best of all. Excuse me. The air and the light. Yes. When the weather is good, I like to sit by the open window. Sometimes I look out and watch the things below. The street and all the people, the dogs and cars, the bricks of the building accross the way. And then there are the times when I close my eyes and just sit there, with the breeze blowing on my face, and the light inside the air, all around me and just beyond my eyes, and the world all red, a beautiful red inside my yes, with the sun shining on me and my eyes.

Auster, Paul. The New York Trilogy - City of Glass. p. 21-22, Faber and Faber, 1987 - 2004.

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    eu qero a prener algumas palavras em frances passos em ballet